It’s super easy, so here goes…..


To make a small portion, 20 grams, you need,

1.Shea butter – 16 grams

2.Grapeseed oil – 3.4 grams (I use a lavender grapeseed infusion, but you don’t need that)

3.Lavender Essential Oil – 0.3 grams (buy a good quality one, like Tisserand, cheap ones stink of cat pee, I’m sorry but they do).

4.Roman Chamomile Essential Oil – 0.1 grams

5.Vitamin E oil – 0.2 grams (this is an antioxidant, stops the product going rancid)

6.A 20 gram container

7.A bain-marie setup including heatproof bowl and stirring rod or metal spoon (this is to melt & mix your ingredients)

8. Some scales that weigh to 0.00 precision. You need to be careful with essential oils, weigh them and be cautious about following online DIY recipes that always tell you to use ‘drops’ as your measure. I occasionally use ‘drops’ in my DIY guides but it is better to get into the habit of weighing stuff. Why? Essential oils are potent and contain allergens and there are legal, internationally accepted guidelines for their application. So one drop of an oil might be much heavier than one drop of a different essential oil. Not all drops are equal.

8. Homemade label, containing date and contents.


Melt the shea butter and grapeseed oil, using your bain Marie setup.

Once all melted and mixed, remove your heatproof bowl from the heat and stir until it starts to form a trace (a trace is when you notice the mixture start to thicken).

When you have reached a trace, add the essential oils and vitamin E.

Stir a little longer but don’t let it thicken too much otherwise you won’t be able to pour it into your chosen container.

Quickly pour your mixture into your container.

Put in the fridge overnight.

To enjoy the next day and float through life without a care or worry in the world, simple rub a little balm onto your temples or pulse points. In winter, you could even put a little under your nose on your philtrum (google it).

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know if you take the plunge and give it a go.



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