Skin pH – does it really matter in skincare?

Exploring skin pH and why it matters in skincare. How it varies by gender and location on the body.


Tropic smoothing cleanser review

Honest review of Tropic cleanser

General election & plant politics

bored of general election already, check out colourful natural skincare

Beautiful balm bars & playing with photography

This weekend I had great fun making body balm bars.  This one, in the main picture, looks like white chocolate and smells like chocolate orange, so I had to stop various household members from attempting to steal a nibble. It's not chocolate but it is made with a mix of organic cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, … Continue reading Beautiful balm bars & playing with photography

Dairy, egg and soya intolerance – what has that got to do with skincare?

Imagine a diet where you can only drink milk? Imagine drinking it results in burning inside of your stomach & the acid creeps up your throat. Imagine you can't speak and tell anyone exactly what the problem is and how to stop it.  So you scream, cry, kick your legs & your skin is scaly … Continue reading Dairy, egg and soya intolerance – what has that got to do with skincare?

L’oreal botanics – sounds good eh!?

I won't do too many of these kinds of posts, but had to cover this one. So, L'oreal have entered the natural market, or have they? Check them out here, looks ever so artisan and natural.  So it must be good right? Perhaps not when you look at the ingredients - note the position on this … Continue reading L’oreal botanics – sounds good eh!?

Just another ‘bright’ skincare idea?

Sat in a marketing workshop today.  We had to work through our elevator statement.  You know the one, you are stuck in an elevator with an influencer/buyer and you have 90 seconds to make your pitch. You have to be so interesting and snappy,  enough that they want to grab coffee with you and find … Continue reading Just another ‘bright’ skincare idea?