Pomegranate power

Meet pomegranate seed oil. I have a soft spot for it.


Dandelion Pulp Fiction

how to make a dandelion macerate

Natural emulsifiers & PEG’s (how oil and water are mixed together for skincare)

I've spent a bit of time recently looking at the way 'non natural' brands mix oil into water. You probably already know that a lot of skincare products contain mostly water as their bulk ingredient with their 'star' ingredient comprising a much, much smaller percentage e.g. rosehip oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil etc.  So, what is … Continue reading Natural emulsifiers & PEG’s (how oil and water are mixed together for skincare)

Just another ‘bright’ skincare idea?

Sat in a marketing workshop today.  We had to work through our elevator statement.  You know the one, you are stuck in an elevator with an influencer/buyer and you have 90 seconds to make your pitch. You have to be so interesting and snappy,  enough that they want to grab coffee with you and find … Continue reading Just another ‘bright’ skincare idea?

I second that emulsion….

Today was fun, created my first really good moisturiser. Technically, it's an emulsion but I'm not having my 'baby' likened to a product only good enough to slap on your walls. Just 'no'. Made with 100% natural items including the preservative to stop it developing 'friends with no benefits'.   What's in it? Sweet almond … Continue reading I second that emulsion….

If fate hands you a lemon…

Shopping in Booths, great northern brand @booths. Everyday normal people see the tarte au citron and think about eating it all in one go (don't they?). I see my lovely 100% natural prototype 'lemon and cucumber toner', good for those with oily skin. Just me? Which one are you and what do you see?