How to make a kalm balm. Be chilled through the day & set yourself up for a good night’s sleep.

This one is for you if you sometimes feel overwhelmed and frazzled or perhaps have a young child who needs help sleeping.

You may also be interested in this if you have read about the latest Lush craze, ‘Sleepy lotion’.  I say, don’t buy theirs, instead invest in a few ingredients and make your own as it is the Lavender Essential Oil that is the real super hero in this product.

If I tell you my 7 year old loves his kalm balm and uses it to help him sleep at night, (especially this time of year with Halloween nightmares), does this make me a lazy mum or a mum who has enriched her childs life with the ability to relax?

I recently discovered the sheer simple brilliance of using Lavender Essential Oil to bring on sleep time.  Not my sleep (sleeping and napping are my special life skills) but that of my little boy.  One restless, wild weather night, said little person was having difficulty getting to sleep as I was studying in my office. So we had a quiet chat about what I was doing, one of those rare moments when you are suddenly the most interesting mum in the world….we chatted about scent and essential oils being the oils of the ancient Egyptians and how Cleopatra used it to help her sleep.  I saw a challenge emerge, could my little man sleep like ‘royalty’ ? A couple of drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow and BINGO, 10 minutes later he was fast asleep.  Perhaps I bored him into slumber or he willed himself to be a Prince, I wasn’t sure at that point….

A couple of nights later, he asked for his lavender drops on the pillow, once again it worked and he slept all night.  Perhaps it wasn’t my gentle wittering that lulled him to sleep after all.

I’ve also been sharing a bit of ‘my craft’ with my son recently, introducing him to the lovely oils, butters and scents that sit on my shelves. He thinks I’m creating a business for him to run when he is grown up. Maybe….. However, showing him how I make lotions and balms is interesting for about 10 minutes apparently, Minecraft however holds his attention much longer just now.

Moving on swiftly, perhaps you want to know how I make my kalm balm, either for yourself for those crazy moments in life or for the small person in your life?

It’s super easy, so here goes…..


To make a small portion, 20 grams, you need,

1.Shea butter – 16 grams

2.Grapeseed oil – 3.4 grams (I use a lavender grapeseed infusion, but you don’t need that)

3.Lavender Essential Oil – 0.3 grams  (buy a good quality one, like Tisserand, cheap ones stink of cat pee, I’m sorry but they do).

4.Roman Chamomile Essential Oil – 0.1 grams

5.Vitamin E oil – 0.2 grams (this is an antioxidant, stops the product going rancid)

6.A 20 gram container

7.A bain-marie setup including heatproof bowl and stirring rod or metal spoon  (this is to melt & mix your ingredients)

8. Some scales that weigh to 0.00 precision. You need to be careful with essential oils, weigh them and be cautious about following online DIY recipes that always tell you to use ‘drops’ as your measure. I occasionally use ‘drops’ in my DIY guides but it is better to get into the habit of weighing stuff. Why? Essential oils are potent and contain allergens and there are legal, internationally accepted guidelines for their application. So one drop of an oil might be much heavier than one drop of a different essential oil. Not all drops are equal.

8. Homemade label, containing date and contents.


Melt the shea butter and grapeseed oil, using your bain Marie setup.

Once all melted and mixed, remove your heatproof bowl from the heat and stir until it starts to form a trace (a trace is when you notice the mixture start to thicken).

When you have reached a trace, add the essential oils and vitamin E.

Stir a little longer but don’t let it thicken too much otherwise you won’t be able to pour it into your chosen container.

Quickly pour your mixture into your container.

Put in the fridge overnight.

To enjoy the next day and float through life without a care or worry in the world, simple rub a little balm onto your temples or pulse points.  In winter, you could even put a little under your nose on your philtrum (google it).

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know if you take the plunge and give it a go. Alternatively, you can wait till I’m trading and buy some from my tech savvy 7 year old who will most likely run the online shop.



2 thoughts on “How to make a kalm balm. Be chilled through the day & set yourself up for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Thank you for an informative and captivating blog and recipe. Your writing style is such that I pictured your office, your little guy on that first night, subsequent conversations, and more. You “took me away “ for a few moments. That is a gift! And I loved your directions complete with rationales!! I will make this very soon. And I’m sure I will be thinking of you and your son while doing so. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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