Pomegranate power

Meet pomegranate.

I have a soft spot for pomegranate.


Firstly, I’ll explain a bit about the cosmetic use of pomegranate seed oil (which appears on your skincare labels as punica granatum). It is a high performance oil, typically used in small quantities in skincare products.   It is said to rejuvenate your skin by speeding up the shedding of dead skin cells.  It also has anti inflammatory properties, so good for skin that’s been around the block, is sensitive, has been exposed to a bit of sun, wind, rain etc. Sounds promising doesn’t it. I have some sat on my shelf, a small 100ml bottle from Naissance. I took a sharp intake of breath before I ‘added to basket’ as this is no cheap filler ingredient, quality comes at a price, but that’s fine.

I don’t have first hand experience of how it behaves on my skin long-term, I’ve only just started using it in one of my trials. To be brutally honest, whereas some might describe its scent as mild and sweet, I think it smells a bit on the funky side (stale salt and vinegar crisps).  That’s typical of the oil characteristics though and perhaps one reason why it is included in such small quantities in skincare products, so the other ingredients can contribute to masking the smell but the product maintains the benefits the oil has to offer.

I’ve just rubbed a little on the back of my hand, it is reasonably thick but absorbs nicely and doesn’t feel greasy.  Overall, a nice sensation and it feels luxurious.

So, as there will be alternative oils that behave similar to pomegranate, why do I admire this stinky beast so much?  Because of the research that exists. It’s this that drew me back towards investigating pomegranate seed oil for skincare,

‘it has been shown that pomegranate fruit could be used in the treatment of human prostate cancer because it could inhibit cell growth……..’

A statement that powerful needs further investigation.  My Dad, no longer with us, was ahead of his time with his regular consumption of pure pomegranate juice.  He drank it every day not long after his prostate cancer diagnosis, having discovered such research. Despite being given a <12 month life expectancy, my Dad enjoyed considerably good health (outwardly) for 9 years – visits to the races, line dancing and trips to Benidorm featured highly on the schedule. He lived his life to the full. Before you switch off, remember, I’m no bad science slave and I appreciate all the traditional chemical interventions he also received, but I like to think this salt and vinegar smelling superhero helped.  The research certainly indicates it did.  Maybe I’ve romanticized it but I’m not out to cure cancer or sell you woo woo products with wacky healthcare claims, I’m out to explore natural skincare and follow my curiosity (thankfully, not my nose).

I know pomegranate juice is somewhat different to pomegranate seed oil, but let’s not quibble – this super fruit deserves a bit of the limelight.

To check some of the facts for yourself,  this link has more info and is a well-respected source of info (it’s not the Daily Mail).

I hope this was interesting food for thought.  I’ll leave you with 2 suggestions…

  1. If you have any valued blokes in your life, perhaps get them on the 100% pomegranate juice sooner rather than later
  2. Look out for pomegranate seed oil in your lotions and potions (it will probably be towards the very end of the ingredient list i.e. the smallest quantity). That said, if pomegranate features in your stash, you will know about it as it will be heavily marketed on the package because of its superhero status.

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Pubmed. Potent health effects of pomegranate. Aida Zarfeshany, Sedigheh Asgary,1 and Shaghayegh Haghjoo Javanmard



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