Tropic smoothing cleanser review

It’s the Beltain Festival today (1st May), a celebration of spring giving way to summer. We sat in the garden having lunch but we didn’t burn any wicker men, virgins or livestock. It was a bit dull really. Apparently to burn a wicker man you require a particular mix of wood, types that burn slowly others than burn quicker.  There you go, anyway…..

I was recently introduced to Tropic, a UK based skin care manufacturer. This turned out to be a mixed fortune but I’ll get to that. Their website states their products contain the purest naturally derived ingredients and are free from harmful toxic chemicals. Sounded great to me.

I had a really good poke about at their website to check out their ingredients to see if this brand really was natural, as many companies have the veneer and polish of a natural brand but those with a bit more knowledge can see it’s just marketing spin at its finest. More to follow on those brands over the next few months as I enjoy analysing their products and debunking their marketing practices 😉

Back to Tropic, my findings…..

The brand

So far, I’ve not found anything shady about Tropic.  They seem to be what they say they are.  There don’t appear to be any non natural ingredients, dodgy ‘parfums’ or non natural preservatives,  The latter is usually the giveaway with ‘natural’ big boy brands.

The packaging and delivery mechanism

Tropic main

The packaging of this cleanser is lovely and bright yet stylish. Importantly it isn’t overly engineered. It’s a simple paper wrapper which limits packaging waste, an important point to consider these days.

The dispenser feels solid in your hand, has withstood being in my shower for 3 weeks and the pump dispenser still works without getting blocked up with any congealed product.

The ingredients are INCI listed but also listed in plain english. This is an approach I had previously decided to take when I begin trading as I want to be open and clear about what everything is.  This is a real plus point for me.

The senses

I’d describe the initial feel of this cleanser as a medium-thick. But it does spread well and the smell is lovely and fresh.  The essential oils of lemongrass and eucalyptus really wake you up.

Tropic texture.jpg

The instructions recommend 2-4 pumps but I find that 3 is more than sufficient.  It is applied to dry or damp skin and then washed off with the bamboo cloth that is supplied alongside the main product.  There is no mention of repeating the process unless you have been wearing makeup, but I’m pretty sure it is good practice to double cleanse.

The results

The product is described as a complexion purifier.  Now my skin is a little breakout prone but I’ve not had breakouts as bad nor in places on my face (around the eyebrows and cheeks) for over 15 years. Because of this I had a tantrum with my Tropic cleanser after about 2 weeks and I have to conclude that it just doesn’t work for me. I’m gutted as I loved using this product, it felt like a real affordable luxury at £16 so I really didn’t want to stop using it.  I kept it up for another few days but gave up in the end as my skin was steadily getting worse. I wasn’t buying any of the nonsense you read on the internet about natural products detoxing your skin.

My analysis 

Having paid closer attention to the mix of ingredients, I’m pretty sure the culprits are cocoa butter, shea butter and avocado oil, all known for being bad news for breakout prone skin.

Unlike like the wicker man and his need for a good balance of fast and slow burn woods, my skin ONLY needs fast penetrating oils and butters.  The cocoa butter, shea butter and avocado oils are slow to penetrate and are therefore prone to clogging pores.  Cocoa butter has a comedogenic level of 4-5 (have a look at my previous post about oils for an explanation of what this is all about).

The candelilla wax will also produce an occlusive effect on the skin, so I have my suspicions about that too.  For my skin this all culminates in a recipe for disaster; large multi-headed spots. I looked like a boil-ridden witch who should have been burnt alongside the wicker man.

It would be better if this product came with a flag about being best for normal skin perhaps.

So, to summarise, Tropic is a great brand and I will seek opportunities to use their other skin care items (I already use their make up and a lip glaze). This cleanser might be perfect for your skin type but if you are oily and prone to the odd breakout, I would recommend you proceed with caution and if you do go ahead be ready to make use of Tropic 30 day money back guarantee.

For now, my 7-year-old is enjoying ‘his’ cleanser as it doesn’t sting his eyes.

Have you ever used this product, what did you think of it?

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