Beautiful balm bars & playing with photography

This weekend I had great fun making body balm bars.  This one, in the main picture, looks like white chocolate and smells like chocolate orange, so I had to stop various household members from attempting to steal a nibble.

It’s not chocolate but it is made with a mix of organic cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil, essential oils and antioxident (formulation taken from my studies with Formula Botanica).  I added the extra lavender, indulging an artistic flourish.

These are gorgeous little nuggets of plant goodness that you use after a bath or shower. The idea is you gently massage them onto your skin and they melt with contact. They help to lock in moisture by creating an occlusive layer and they deliver moisturising plant oils where you most need them.

Did I mention how delicious they smell (will someone hurry up and invent scratch and sniff tech please).

So interested was the household in these little delights, that the ‘other half’ (him of ‘comparing my tamanu eye gel to phlegm’ fame), even offered to photograph it for me. I’m glad he did as I only agreed to the purchase of that camera on the basis it would take beautiful shots, documenting my formulation fun.

So, what do you think?  Do these little nuggets sound good, would you want to try them? What did you make of our attempt at product photography today?

I hope you enjoyed this piece today. I’ve created a pinterest account for a bit of fun and to capture things that catch my eye. If you are on pinterest, let me know.



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