Dairy, egg and soya intolerance – what has that got to do with skincare?

Imagine a diet where you can only drink milk? Imagine drinking it results in burning inside of your stomach & the acid creeps up your throat. Imagine you can’t speak and tell anyone exactly what the problem is and how to stop it.  So you scream, cry, kick your legs & your skin is scaly and itchy too.

Imagine you are the person living with this ‘little mess’. You are supposedly ‘in charge’ and the responsible care giver.

That was me and my son in 2010.

Imagine the medics who say “it’ll pass”, “some babies cry a lot”, “by 3-6 months, he will be fine” etc.

You get to 3 months, it’s still not passed. Damn.

You hold on for 6 months for something called ‘gut closure’ in babies.  Err, no gut closure thingy here medics!

You get to 7 months and it’s getting worse as now you have started trying solid foods and in among the veggies, fruits etc, you also include some simple yummy yogurt.  The little bundle loves eating it up but then the projectile vomiting starts.

At this point, the medics start to take a bit more interest and offer you gaviscon for your kid and a whole load of meds to put in their milk.  Still no answer to my persistent ‘why’ question.

You get to 11 months and you are off work more than you are in it because your little bundle always seems to have a ‘bad nappy’ so is excluded from nursery on a regular basis.

So eventually, your brain starts to fire up and you also start to really question the validity of the general medical view. You do what all the medics have missed, you act on your instincts and you eliminate ‘dairy’. The major source of food for you little bundle up until this point.  It takes a brave person to do that.

Imagine, the overwhelming and massive sense of relief you feel when after 3 days, you have no more screaming, vomiting and ‘narkiness’.  The true personality of your little bundles starts to emerge after being suppressed for nearly 12 months.

Everything starts to get better as you believe in your own ability to know your little bundle, tell the medics to poke their meds and you start on a proper care package with dietitians and ‘free from’ diets.

Fast forward 6 years of obsessively reading the back of packets & working out what crazy ingredients are in food.  Why is milk in some meat products? Why is soya flour in nearly all the supermarket breads?  Why are most of the dairy free alternatives full of soya?  Cheap nasty bulking products, that’s why.  Very little care is paid to a quality product and it’s mostly about keeping costs low.

Imagine, if you can, a healthy, strong and thriving 7-year-old boy.  Healthy gut and glowing skin (well kind of glowing as he is a 7 year old dirt magnet).

So skin care – check out all the weird stuff on the back of your skincare products.  SLS, they use that in lab rats to stimulate an irritated skin.  Why do they put it in our skincare? Because it foams nicely and is cheaper than a natural alternative.  Aqua, yes it is natural but it’s just water, it’s cheap.  The well-funded marketing machines kick in to distract you from the fact that their miracle products only actually contain a very small amount of their ‘hero’ ingredient.  See my L’Oreal Botanics post for marketing at its finest.

So, that’s an insight into why I make my own skin care now. I choose what goes in it. I decide and it won’t be cheap fillers doing the sole job of being just that ‘a cheap ingredient’.  Only effective & natural ingredients for me and no cheap fillers.  You may see water but it won’t be the bulk ingredient, it’ll probably be a flower hydrosol or similar.

Trusted.  Natural.  Northern.

Trusted – I’ll always tell you how it is and what’s in it

Natural – only natural ingredients will be used, never synthetic

Northern – because I am and I’m proud to be operating outside the centre of the universe………London!

If you have gotten this far, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. I’d be delighted if you ‘liked’ or were good enough to share with your trusted and natural networks.





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