Fab face oils & curiosity with cleaners

Thursdays are my day to work on formulations and training, one of the best days of the week.

One thing I’ve never really bought into, but am willing to experiment with, Face Oils. I have oily, blemish prone skin, so to me it sounds completely counterproductive and bonkers to add oil on top of oil?  I reckon I’m probably not alone in this type of thinking.

So, reading around the topic, I’ve discovered that in a nutshell, oily skin comes from a natural overproduction of the natural oils from your glands (I could use some of the technical jargon but that’s not me). There are a few reasons why this happens, one of them is, you are simply born this way. So if it bothers you, you can find a way to deal with it.

Oily skin produces more oil as a defence mechanism to balance out the loss of moisture on your skin.  So adding oil sends a signal to those of us plagued by busy fools for oil glands. By using the ‘correct‘ oil-based products it sends a message to your body that you have enough oil thank you very much.  However, not all oils are equal in this matter, they need to be matched and suited to your skin.  Today, I’ve had great fun researching the right type of oils for me (or anyone with oily skin, that might be you?). For oily Lisa, organic sunflower, organic grapeseed and rosehip are my ideal tonic (because they have a decent linoleic acid ratio – that’s the only reference to ‘tech speak’ I’m making today).  Add a splash of peppermint essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil for their antibacterial properties, some rosemary extract, and voila, you have what feels like a great recipe for sending a message to those busy fool oil glands.  I need to give this 28 days to see results.

Also on today’s experimentation list is a review of ‘Tropic Cleanser’. I’ve looked at this formulation, it isn’t tricky at all but it needs a tweak for oily skin.  More on that in a future post as I’m perfecting the blend but it’s looking promising. So I’m dead excited. In my head, watch it Alan Sugar!

For those who like, understand, or want to gain some insight into the chemistry, I’ve found a great blog (Michelle at Lab Muffin, love that blog name). In particular, this article I’ve found on the topic linoleic acid 

Finally, I’m not a chemist; I’m just on a journey to create natural and effective skincare and enjoying the process.

Please do like and share if you enjoyed this. It’s useful to get feedback.


7 thoughts on “Fab face oils & curiosity with cleaners

  1. 😀 – Well, you motivated me to think about it!

    Do you like using your oil? My experience is that I like it best when I apply it on damp skin. I found that I had better results too.


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