Terribly Tremendous Tamanu

I’ve been wanting to formulate with Tamanu oil for ages.

I’m finally feeling skilled enough to create something without running too high a risk of a technical ‘fail’ (where it’s filed in the bin). You have to ‘fail’ to create opportunities to actively learn – I know I sound like a self help book but it’s dead true and I’m getting quite good at being okay ‘learning’ but more importantly I’m not actually failing too often now…….

Self help mantra aside and practically speaking ,these oils are too damn pricey to idly experiment with.

So, why Tamanu oil?  It’s got such great reviews for its extensive range of useful properties; for excema, psoriasis, acne and acne scars, stretch marks, age spots, skin rashes, general scarring, dermatitis and for oily skin.  An all round ‘rejuvenation’ oil.

terribly terrific tamanuVisually, it looks like kryptonite and it has a mild scent of spice/curry.  I’m not winning you over am I? Stick with me….

Remembering all its great properties though, but unable to get away from how ‘green’ and ‘funky’ smelling it is, I’m considering it would be really good in a cucumber and yuzu eye gel.

Think cucumber, think green.

Think yuzu, smell citrus.

Think tamanu oil, anticipate rejuvenation.

So I formulated the gel in the headline photo, and it came out well. My marketing assistant who is never involved in product ideation (aka Jon, my other half), said it immediately reminded him of his bad bout of pleurisy!

However, we talked about the fact it contained cucumber extract and he was immediately transported to a different view point.

Feeling inspired and now understanding the reputed healing qualities of Tamanu oil, I also formulated a foot balm. I was thinking about the 1000’s of runners who take part in ‘our’ annual marathon (where I work  during the week).  I figure the healing & anti fungal properties work well for this group and the use of peppermint to freshen their ‘well used’ feet also has an affinity with the ‘green’ finish.  I added a dash of clove oil, because let’s face it, your feet must kill you when you are training for a marathon and if clove oil is good enough for dealing with toothache, it’s gotta be good for sore feet.

So, what do you think,  interesting ideas or a load of old tosh?


5 thoughts on “Terribly Tremendous Tamanu

  1. Sounds interesting… I’d try it 🙂
    And just a suggestion on your photos- they look quite dark on my Reader on my mobile, have you tried adding a light source like a bedside lamp? I think that would make a big difference 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I just checked them on my computer- they’re clearer- but could be good to check out a couple of ‘How to take photos’ tutorials… Hope I’m not being too bossy!! 🙂


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