Just another ‘bright’ skincare idea?

Sat in a marketing workshop today.  We had to work through our elevator statement.  You know the one, you are stuck in an elevator with an influencer/buyer and you have 90 seconds to make your pitch. You have to be so interesting and snappy,  enough that they want to grab coffee with you and find out more.  Urghh, no doubt a really useful task to work through, but quite tough on the grey matter.

So, in amongst all that, I pitch my product idea based on ‘wild yam extract’, something that I’ve been reading about recently due to an idle Facebook thread….This extract is supposed to help ‘ladies of a certain age’…all of a sudden 60% of the room is interested.  The other 40% are blokes (who shuffled uncomfortably) or under 25 & busy on their phones. So, grabbing attention like that doesn’t normally happen, so maybe I seize the day and explore this a bit more…….

What say you??



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