No green

No greenwash with wildwash

It’s Crufts here in the UK in a couple of days, which means an army of dog lovers (me included) get to watch cool hounds swagger down the ‘cat’walk (I’m imagining carnage right now).

So, I decided to treat my geriatric hound to a full pamper experience. That’s him in the feature, sporting the latest dog buff and lounge suit (long story…)

Upon arrival at the salon, I was proper happy to see the shampoo of choice was ‘natural and contained essential oils’, no synthetic perfumes. At first I was skeptical but it was bob on and it’s called Wild Wash.

You can imagine how delighted I was to see this and the look of joy on the pro groomer when I enthused about her choice. It all meant for a delightful hour, the dog looked fantastic and he smelt a whole lot better too. I think the Lavender EO knocked him out as he slept soundly for hours.  Think that works for humans too so why not give it a go, the Lavender EO not the wildwash (although, now I come to think about it…..).

So, if natural is good for dogs, what are you waiting for?


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