I second that emulsion….

2nd-that-emulsionToday was fun, created my first really good moisturiser. Technically, it’s an emulsion but I’m not having my ‘baby’ likened to a product only good enough to slap on your walls. Just ‘no’.

Made with 100% natural items including the preservative to stop it developing ‘friends with no benefits’.


What’s in it?

Sweet almond oil

Distilled water (what the cosmetics companies refer to as ‘aqua’, sounds much more sexy that doesn’t it…)

Emulsifier – you need this (this is how the oil and water mix together)

Glycerine – a humectant (a  moisture attracting ingredient)

A Gum – you need this (to make it thicken)

Essential oil – to give it a great scent etc

Preservative – to stop it going nasty

A good day all round.




2 thoughts on “I second that emulsion….

    1. Ahh, that’s a really lovely thing to say and very encouraging. You’ve made my day. I won’t be properly trading until fully trained in formulation and good manufacturing process too. My blog here is to share my, no doubt, long journey and to build trust and credibility along the way hopefully!


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