Dirty rotten scoundrels

trademarkSo thought I’d better apply for a trademark seeing as I’ve come out of hiding! Apparently there are dodgy folks out there who might ‘steal’ it otherwise. Who’d have thought, surely people have better things to do but apparently not.

Surprisingly easy to do, other than parting with the cash to do it. Just have to practice patience and await the outcome.

Hey boys! March = beans on toast for tea. (Heinz tho, not Happy Shopper so all is not lost).


4 thoughts on “Dirty rotten scoundrels

    1. Thanks Jane that is good to know and exciting too. I’ll be blogging on here about when I’m ready to go. At the moment though, I’m working through the training to get things absolutely right, then I’ll design a range that I want to go with (or that the market will want to see, is probably more the point). Thanks for your enthusiasm though. I’d be interested to know what kind of thing you or your friend are interested in (perhaps send me a Private Message on facebook so we can chat more). 🙂


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