Start right, acquiring the right skills…

My organics journey was kick started by following the hugely popular DIYers like #helloglow and humblebeeandme etc.  They are great fun of course but me being me, I wanted to understand things better than just following other people’s recipes.  I wanted to learn how to be a formulator in my own right.  Now, I have a job and family and need to earn money so I can’t just go back to school and study for years to be a cosmetic scientist, it just isn’t going to happen that way.  So I found Formula Botanica, an online organic skincare school.  They were just right for my situation, had recently won a training award, ODLCQ accredited and Trust Pilot rated 5*.  Offering online learning at my pace, supported by a moodle learning platform, quality tutor support and the ubiquitous social classroom (facebook). Their website was interesting, simple and eye catching (although I admit, I had to put to one side my fundamental dislike of the dailymail, a toxic brand imo, who are cited on the main page for some reason – must ask why that is the case…).

So my formulating skills journey began and I’m working my way through a 2 year study period, learning to formulate ‘truly’ organic and natural skincare.  I’ll expand more on the ‘truly’ in a later blog, not now though as I don’t want to sound like I’ve joined a cult.


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